Боль в шее

Neck pain and headache are the second most common complaint among people. You may feel:

  • Pain in the neck, head or occiput area;
  • Pain on the forehead or around the eye
  • Stiffness in the shoulder area;
  • Limitations on neck mobility;
  • Radiating pain between shoulder blades or hands.

It is important to remember that the causes of neck and headache are individual and that the same symptoms do not mean the same problem, so the treatment may be completely different.

Understanding the cause of neck pain and headaches is half the outcome of treatment. Here we are the best in Estonia. Why us? We have undergone training under the Canadian and US systems where the physiotherapist is the first to see a patient with neck pain and headache. If we know the weaknesses of your body or which mechanisms do not work together, we can PREVENT your neck pain or treat the existing problem effectively.

  • Orthopaedic testing
  • Manual therapy of the upper spine
  • Reducing tenderness and localized pain using acupuncture or massage
  • Instruction of specific exercise