Подарочная карта

A gift card is a perfect present for a friend or family member. It is possible to choose between the following services:

  • Relaxing massage or sports massage in Tartu,
  • Manual therapy performed by a physiotherapist in Tartu,
  • Manual therapy performed by Aleksei Pintšuk,
  • Dry needling therapy in Tartu,
  • Manual therapy in Tallinn performed by Aleksei Pintšuk.

Before purchasing the gift card, check out the terms:

  • The validity period is 3 months
  • It is possible to buy gift cards as a fixed service (e.g. „Sports massage in Tartu“) or monetary value (e.g. 30 euros)
  • Gift cards can be used within the validity period and the amount of value or service indicated on the card
  • The gift card is not exchangeable for cash
  • The lost card will not be replaced
  • No other gift card can’t be bought with the gift card

To purchase a gift card, fill out the order form on our website. The completed gift card will be sent to your e-mail after payment and then you can print it out yourself. If you wish, you can pick up the gift card from our salon (in Tartu and Tallinn). Payment for the gift card is possible by transfer or cash on site.