For Companies

Healthy and happy staff are more efficient and productive. Often employers don’t know about physical or emotional health problems of employees. Heavy workloads, rush and pressure at home can cause a lot of stress. Massage helps to relieve stress, establishes balance and removes tension and painful conditions. Massage is the best way to reward your employees. We are ready to provide a massage at your workplace or you can always visit us if needed. Ask for a price offer by email:

Physiotherapy in the company includes physiotherapeutic assessment of the employee and the selection of suitable intervention strategy. The purpose of physiotherapy is to alleviate skeletal muscle problems caused by increased workload or forced posture using manual techniques and/or physical exercises. The physiotherapist can also share useful tips about ergonomics. Ask for a price offer by email:

  • Healthier and happier staff
  • Employees are more engaged, more productive and more profitable
  • Proactive injury prevention or injury recovery