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Reedik Pรครคsuke

Dr. Reedik Pรครคsuke graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Tartu in 2010 and finished his residency…

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Orthopedic consultation

Find the cause and solution for your musculoskeletal complaints with an orthopedic consultation.
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Service consist of :

The appointment begins with identifying the patient's complaints. Orthopedic tests are then performed and previous studies are analyzed. Based on the results, a diagnosis is made and a further treatment plan is drawn up. The doctor, for his part, gives advice on organizing life and work and maintaining health. If necessary, additional procedures are performed on site and medicines are prescribed. Further recovery is continued with physiotherapy.


  • Arthrocentesis- removal of excess fluid from the joint using a syringe
  • An anti-inflammatory drug is injected into a joint or soft tissue to decrease inflammation and pain. It is mainly used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or inflammation of the soft tissues (bursitis, synovitis, epicondylitis, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

When to consult an orthopedist?

Orthopedics deals with problems related to bones, joints, muscles or tendons. The most common are hip, knee, shoulder or elbow pain or dysfunction. Problems can be caused by multiple reasons, for example trauma, overload of the joint, tendon or muscle, congenital features of the skeletal muscle system or other diseases.

What is required for consultation?

Service has a fee. Please bring an ID card with you. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothing to allow access to the problem areas. Previous diagnostic procedures are not required and if necessary, you will be directed to the hospital in your town.

What happens next after the reception?

The company works closely with an orthopedist and our physiotherapists. In many cases, it is necessary to continue with physiotherapy to reduce complaints.

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