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Financing opportunities

Take advantage of additional subsidies to enjoy our services!

Financing opportunities Additional subsidies
  • Stebby

    The Stebby environment is a system used by lots of employers to pay the sports subsidy to their employees. If you have this opportunity: Log…
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  • Therapy Fund

    Therapy foundation is a system for Family Physicians created by Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Family Physicians have the opportunity to send their patients to a…
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  • Tax free fringe benefits

    Employee health and sports expenses can also be covered partially or in full by an employer.  The employer may provide up to 100 eur to…
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Gift cards

The perfect gift for your friend or loved ones. The gift card is available for your specific chosen treatment or it can be purchased for the suitable amount of money. The sum on the gift card allows you to purchase all the services the Profysio offers.

Gift cards Gift cards
  • Relaxing massage

    A key purpose of massage is to relax tense muscles and remove mental stress. Through the improvement of blood flow and lymphatic circulation, normal muscle…
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  • Thera­peutic massage

    The key purpose of therapeutic massage is to promote pain reduction and relieve muscle stiffness by applying different massage techniques. During session can be used…
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  • Sports massage

    The key purpose of sport massage is to reduce recovery time during or after training, to prevent injuries of overused and stressed areas of the…
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  • Physical therapy

    The key purpose of physical therapy is treatment of existing medical issues of the skeletal system (muscles, bones, ligaments) and prevention of health disorders.
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  • Manual therapy

    The practitioner will find the cause of a problem (muscle, joint, soft tissues) and manipulate/target anatomical structures manually (β€œhands-on” treatment) in an attempt to decrease…
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  • Dry needling

    The key purpose of dry needling is to relieve irritation and pain in soft tissues. Physical therapists use dry needling with the goal of releasing…
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What referral can you use?

Dear customer

Please note that in the Profysio clinic paid services are offered. In addition, referrals from your Family Doctor through the Therapy Fund with service code 7050 are valid until 01.07.2024, which partially covers the service costs. More information here.

In our clinic referrals are not valid for the Physical Therapy service, which is 100% covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

Profysio team