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Additional subsidies

Opportunities of additional subsidy:

  1. SportID β€” use the SportID environment to purchase the service with the sports subsidy. Find out more…
  2. Therapy Fund β€” Ask a family physician about opportunities to get physiotherapy with a referral from your doctor. Find out more…
  3. Tax free fringe benefits β€” Ask your employer about opportunities of full or partial covering of therapy. Find out more...

What referral can you use?

Dear customer

Please note that in the Profysio clinic paid services are offered. In addition, referrals from your Family Doctor through the Therapy Fund with service code 7050 are valid until 01.07.2024, which partially covers the service costs. More information here.

In our clinic referrals are not valid for the Physical Therapy service, which is 100% covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

Profysio team