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Therapy Fund

Therapy foundation is a system for Family Physicians created by Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Family Physicians have the opportunity to send their patients to a psychologist, speech therapist and physiotherapist if and when necessary using resources from Therapy foundation. 

Profysio Manual Therapy meets all requirements to use funds of Therapy foundation.

How can you use a Therapy Fund?

  • Inform your Family Physician, that you would like to use a Therapy Foundation for visiting your physiotherapist.
  • Ask a referral from your doctor
  • Book an appointment: call +37256762466 or write to

Please, bring a printed out referral from your doctor. We don't have access to a digital  Health record/data system of a patient. 

How much do you have to pay for a visit to physiotherapist yourself?

Your family physician will write in referral a number of physical therapy he would compensate. One session is 30min long and Estonian Health Insurance Fund covers costs in 11.75 eur. The remaining amount is paid by the customer himself. It is possible to get a longer session at a time, for example 60min. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information: +37256762466 or

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